The Sexy Chef Cookbook: Eat Clean Love


As someone who loves to eat and is constantly on the hunt for new restaurants to try out, I can say that it’s definitely hard to mix dieting and what I love doing. Even when I’m at home or at the office I tend to just order in or get take out which I know isn’t giving my body the break it needs.

I know we’ve tried all kinds of fad diets here and there and ended up disappointed – back to square one. I’ve realized that we should start at home (or I should) because that’s where I mostly spend my time. It’s time for a lifestyle change, don’t you think?


The Sexy Chef’s founders Rachel and Barni Alejandro brings us The Sexy Chef Cookbook: Eat Clean Love. It’s a collection of 60 new, original and easy to follow recipes that would inspire those who love to eat but want to stay in shape to well, stay in shape. It’ll let you enjoy food in a healthier way. They have breakfast options, a new take on old Filipino favorites, low-carb meals, vegan friendly dishes and of course refreshingly yummy smoothies!


They would give valuable insights on how to make smarter food choices, taking control of your well-being and how to live the healthiest possible way.

I’d love to give it a try since it’d be answering to both the foodie in me and my need to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Summit Media Philippines



The Sexy Chef  Cookbook:  Eat  Clean Love is  now available  in  bookstores,  newsstands,  convenience stores,  and supermarkets nationwide for P295.


Chaos – City of Dreams Manila


The beauty of Chaos lies in its name because from that alone, your mind would wonder what goes on behind its doors.

WILD EPIC PARTIES, that’s what.

When it comes to party places, it’s always either a hit or a miss with me. I enjoy the dancey-trippy vibe and seeing everyone stepping to the beat, BUT I also don’t like that everything’s so cramped up. I guess that’s why I like Chaos, they have just the right amount of breathing room to separate those busting their moves on the dance floor from people like us who just wants to enjoy the party scene… and maybe also dance a little after getting a few drinks in.


From the gorgeous interior to the hottest DJs and artists.

Everything was well thought of. Then again, what else can you expect from the City of Dreams?




And they sure know how to treat you right. After meeting with my friends Jack&Coke, I usually wouldn’t know where my lighter is or what’s what but they’d be ready even before I take a cigarette out of the box. THAT and also they’re there for anything else that you’d need or want or crave for, well you get what I mean. The bartenders know what’s up, their drink mixes are on point. Cheers to the lovely staff!


Enter the world of Chaos, where dreams become reality and your desires come alive.

Let loose and rave all night!


Pangaea – City of Dreams Manila

Upon entering its doors, you’ll be greeted by an air of class and sophistication. And from that alone, you’d know you’re in the right place.


For a kicked back and relaxed type of night, it has to be Pangaea. Hands down. The only choice you should be making is what to drink or what booth to pick.

Then again, don’t think you’d be falling asleep on one of their couches because the DJ on his piano turned turntable would definitely kick things up with some awesome music that you would wanna dance to.


Featuring the best DJs in the industry.


Leopard Table




Picasso Tables

It’s not all aesthetics though. Pangaea is also about great customer service and that’s what I like most about them. They want to make sure that you have the best time, always.

I love Chaos and Pangaea, maybe equally. And honestly I’m having trouble picking which one takes the cake.

So this I say to you: Try ’em both.



Two of the hottest clubs in the Metro.

One exudes luxury and glamour, the other promises a night of wild, epic parties.

Choose your poison.

What more can you ask for from the City of Dreams?

For more information, visit:

Pangaea Manila

Chaos Manila

City of Dreams Manila

or call +632 800 8080