Snack Attack – Another YUMMY Affair

Big Baon Blowout Banner

Last May 23, 2015 Yummy Magazine held its first-ever Big Baon Blowout. An event not only for kids who’ll be going back to school but really for everyone who brings packed goodies to work or which ever way they’re headed.

It made me wish I was a little kid again with all the easy to prepare but gorgeous to look at meals you can make right at home. I thought of little me bringing it to school and showing it off to my friends since really, they look as good as they taste!


Don’t you just want to try one or five…


This is how I like my pancakes, stacked, doused in rich artisan chocolate and generously sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.  by Theo & Philo


The perfect sandwich! Artisan Chocolate spread by Theo & Philo + Crispy Bacon.


Or we could have THIS instead! I don’t know about you but that’s something I’d want to munch on.


These were seriously good and super easy to prepare. I watched them do it and it only takes a few minutes for a hearty and healthy sandwich.

A delightfully fun filled day filled with YUMMY food, cooking demonstrations  from guest chef’s like  Erickson John “IDGE” Mendiola, Katrina Luisa “TRINKA” Gonzales and Ma. Rachelle “RACH” Santos -all from the Yummy Magazine Team. That doesn’t stop there though! We also had chefs from the Smart Parenting Team like Michelle Aventajado and Roselle Miranda. They all whipped up a few recipes for the participants.


The event was a huge success! Congratulations to everyone over at Yummy Magazine and Summit Media! -with my love of course.



One of the brightest and biggest booths, not to mention the fullest. Goldilocks is a forever Pinoy favourite!




While I loved how they featured our old time favourites like Goldilocks, Hunts Pork & Beans, Lady’s Choice and  Bounty Fresh, they also a bunch of new ones on the roster.

DSCF0931 DSCF0932DSCF0933



…all that and a whole lot more! I loved that everyone was in their happy place and by everyone I mean the concessionaires, the team and the guests.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to sample the food that they can take to school, to work and even on a trip. I know a lot of us enjoy eating and preparing food, so we’re all hoping to have the Big Baon Blowout annually. It would also help get the up and coming foodtrepreneurs a chance to showcase what they’ve got to offer and for old favourites to remind everyone why they remain the titans of our lunch boxes.

Don’t for get to check out: Yummy Magazine and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more information and to stay updated on the upcoming events!


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