Planning on going to the 2nd Lubao International Balloon Festival?

With only a few days to go before the event you’re probably going on planning overdrive especially if you’re anything like me who needs to incessantly plan for everything.

The event itself already has a lot of activities and fun stuff you, your friends and family can enjoy in between shows BUT if you’re wondering what else Pampanga has to offer, we’ve got you covered!

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The Philippines is abundant in breathtakingly beautiful historical and very interesting cultural places you can visit and Pampanga also has its share of wonder for the wanderer. And those are just a few of many you can go check out when you find yourself wanting to drive around when you’re there.

We’re planning on going to Lubao, Pampanga earlier for us to be able to really enjoy the place, go around and ready ourselves for the first day of the festival. I actually really want to spend the entire day at the festival since I want to go through every booth, taste probably most of the food and see the shows they spent a lot of time preparing.

Since it’s already summer vacation and the festival is set on March 26-29 which is Thursday-Sunday, it’d be a good idea to book a hotel to relax, go see the festival, hop on your car and go on a road trip to see all the sights Pampanga has to offer and what’s a trip without going on a shopping spree?

Here’s the schedule of activities for the event:

10407061_1563886550551591_6983424033109846420_n 1959512_1564253753848204_3427515050416996417_n988496_1564254533848126_1577196100739587415_n11075011_1564254757181437_850893715139018874_n11081059_1564254967181416_9185642628350530051_n

And don’t forget to bring these:


Preparation is key to having the best time. Stay hydrated and make sure you bring the essentials for maximum enjoyment.



For more information:



Instagram and Twitter: @LUBAOIBF

Ticket price is 250php only and you can get them at: or SM ticket booth outlets located at any SM Cinema area. 

Tickets are also available there at the event entrance. 


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