Lubao International Balloon Festival 2015

Pilipinas International Balloon Festival, Inc. held a Press Conference at Passion Restaurant in Resort’s World Manila to officially promote and invite the public to join them in the upcoming Lubao International Balloon Festival this March 26-29, 2015 in Lubao, Pampanga. 


Already the biggest hot air balloon festival in the country, this year they’re reaching for new heights with their goal to not only fly all those balloons at the same time but with 15 special shaped ones which would make it the biggest number of special shaped balloon flying in Asia. They’re also gonna do a ‘Box Air’ type of flying which in other words would ensure that the balloons fly to a certain direction and doing so would help them come back to where they came from and not just fly off to an unknown location. This technique has only been done in choice parts of the world and by LUBAOIBF here in the Philippines.

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This year they’re definitely going all out!

With more than 40 hot air balloons in their arsenal and the support and participation of internationally renowned balloonists all over the world. Not to mention 15 special shaped ones are in attendance that have not been seen here in the country since the good people over at LUBAOIBF wants you to see a new set each year, and to name a few of which I seriously can’t wait to see: Darth Vader, Yoda, Smurf, Humpty Dumpty, the Airship and of course let’s not forget the very large adorable looking Snobird! 

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

This year, they made sure that everyone will have something to do and look forward to. So don’t fret, they really did think of everything. From seeing a show in the sky to a dance show on the streets. Just don’t get in the crossfire during the Water Balloon Fight and the Paint Ball Exhibition!

There’s also a food bazaar where Foodies like me can head on over and sample the goods that they have to offer and probably a lot of it. From what I saw on their floor plan, it’s arranged so that all of the concessionaires are together and you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Performances from artists like Kamikazee, Mitoy with the Draybers and The Voice PH season 2 final 4 will be there to entertain you at the end of the day. Just check out which day they will be performing on and you’re all set.

Although, I heard through the very fabulous grapevine that you just might get to see your favorite stars in the event. The list is long and full of hot damn glam. I’m not however at liberty to say just which ones since it’s supposedly a surprise.

with all that being said,

The one thing I really can’t wait to see and don’t want to miss is what they call the night glow.

Imagine the darkness of the night only illuminated by the glow of the colorful hot air balloons.

That alone makes it worth the trip in my book.

Oh and if you wanna join us in all the fun for FREE, check out their Instagram account to know more! 

See you there!

For more information:



Instagram and Twitter: @LUBAOIBF

Ticket price is 250php only and you can get them at: or SM ticket booth outlets located at any SM Cinema area. 

Tickets are also available there at the event entrance. 


13 thoughts on “Lubao International Balloon Festival 2015

  1. markquijano says:

    Good to hear that news. Every year nanonood ako ng balloon festival sa Saga city, Japan, ang ganda and the balloons look really cool. Kung may pagkakataon, I would like to witness that balloon festival there in Lubao.


    • EMMAYI says:

      You definitely should! If you can move things around that is. 😀 and I hope you do. It’d be nice to meet someone from BNP. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Dems!


  2. slickmaster says:

    It’s been a long while since the last time I saw such type of event (yeah, like… my old childhood days). Say, I never knew that aside from the Clark Baloon fest, there’s such Lubao Int’l BF! Now it seems interesting in my eyes. And with 43 entries participating in the festivity itself? It’s not that hard to see why.


    • EMMAYI says:

      Hi! 🙂 The LUBAOIBF is fairly new, this event would only be their second and I think they want it to become a yearly thing. I can’t wait to see all them balloons up in the air! I hope you guys can come.


    • EMMAYI says:

      HI Shayne! From what they told us 10k if you want to go for it but you’d have to book it at least a month in advance to reserve your slot. Wouldn’t it be nice though? 🙂 I have it on my bucketlist too! Thanks for dropping by. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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