But I did come back.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Use It or Lose It.”

I went to three schools in high school not because I got kicked out or that my grades didn’t make the cut. I moved around a lot.

I was in my third school during on my third year and I was hoping that it’d be my last since I only had a year left after that. I was making a lot of friends but the connections weren’t that deep since I always had to go through the transition and the adjustment which sucked for most part.

I joined a club that time and it was upon the recommendation of my adviser since he’s the moderator of the club. I figured it’d be extra brownie points and most of my classmates were there and what better way to make friends than that.

We had a trip to this underground cave that I knew didn’t feel right even before we went in. I am slightly claustrophobic and the walls felt like they were really closing in on us that we had to walk sideways just to get through. On the final leg it was starting to get steep and slippery and right on cue our tour guide says be careful not to fall and slip on the void to your left (that’s how I heard it). And he was right though, I couldn’t see anything to my left like if you slipped and fell that was it for you, no hope of getting you back.

If there’s anything bad that’s gonna happen, you can bet that it’s gonna happen to me.

I was so tired and each step I took I felt like I was slipping and I struggled to get more traction but I just couldn’t and as I was slipping I was also slowly losing hope like that’s it, goodbye world. Just as I was about to give up and let myself enjoy the fall, my friend held on to me and pulled me back up to safety. If I fell, it would have been quite a fall, we were high up and I definitely thought that I’d never come back from that one.

At the back of my mind there’s still a part of me that thinks that he saved my life.

In hindsight, how was that activity sanctioned by the school? lol



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