Don’t Panic. Stop. Drop. And bring the most unnecessary things.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

I had to pry myself away from the book that I was reading because of this nagging feeling that I actually miss writing. It’s been several days since my last blog post and to stay true to my new year’s list, I’d have to improve my blogging habit. We writers are also great book worms and it’s hard not to pick up another one with a similar plot once you’ve finished. I don’t know if it’s the same with everyone. I have these phases when I read, like one day I’d be all over vampire stories (even the sparkly ones) and then after about five of those I’d move on to something else like smut.

Anyway… we’re not here for that.

This scenario sort of happened to me in real life. I was about 10 years old and had just gotten my puppy. Dad and I picked out a name before he even came to be, before we even picked out a breed. And then one day we went to this nice lady who posted an ad in the paper. It was really love at first sight, he was the first one I saw and I never let him go, even though we were in the market for a female dog, I still didn’t budge. To my surprise later on, in his doggy papers he was also named C.J.. So back to my story. I had just gotten CJ and since he was new to our home, I was sleeping with him so he’d get used to being there. One night he woke me up and wouldn’t stop barking and then I smelled smoke. In an instant everyone was downstairs wanting to know what’s going on. As it turns out, our neighbor’s house was on fire and not the small kind either, literally the whole house was on fire (everyone there got out, don’t worry). Everyone else was panicking in our house because they were right next to us and the firefighters wasn’t there yet. I was calm as can be, because I had CJ and my doll with me. And at the time that was all I needed.

But since this prompt specifically said no people and pets.

1. Childhood doll – I still have it with me.

2. Mac, ipad, phone and kindle – can we roll all this into one? (greedy)

3. Vape things – I have been vaping for a long time and have accumulated a lot of things, I can’t let the fire take it.

4. My box of memorabilia. – It’s really in a box so it’s basically one thing, right?

5. SHOES – I just have to throw this in there. I can’t. I love them.

I can’t believe clothes aren’t on my list. That’s sad.


Burning Down the House


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