Let’s Talk Over Coffee?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

I have no ONE answer to this prompt, there’s just too many.

First let’s stick to the rules then we’ll go crazy…

I met this blogger, let’s name her C. at an event. It was my first meet-up as a food blogger. It wasn’t my first invite but it was the first one I went to. I feel anxious about meeting new people and crowds are not my thing and once you over think things they tend to be scarier than they actually are which is not at all. Anyway, I met C at this event and we weren’t sitting next to each other and we didn’t actually talk till the end of the event. She was seated at the far end of the table and I was in the middle but once in a while I would hear bits of the stories she was telling and that got my attention. She’s funny, very open and worldly. She’s not afraid of the unknown and of course not afraid to tell the tales. I guess there’s a lot more but I’d have to find out for myself. I haven’t had the chance to go to another one but I guess we’ve sort of kept in touch (thru a few likes and comments on Instagram, that’s sort of keeping in touch right?). But that’s the kind of people that I want to meet and of course being a blogger or a writer doesn’t hurt.

Okay, now that’s done, it’s time to bend the rules a little.

Obama – I have no business in their politics or in their country but I think he’s an awesome guy. I’d like to hear his stories.

PH war veterans – I know their stories are much more riveting than what we’ve read in the history books. Being there is waaaay different than the facts that have been thoroughly filtered, vetted and deemed proper enough to be passed down to the younger generation.

Johnny Depp – He looks like a cool guy that you can just hang with. I like all the roles he’s played and my favorite is of course Captain Jack Sparrow. Never a dull moment I presume.

Jimmy Fallon & Ellen D. – favorite talk show hosts. They just seem super nice, you know? Like the ooze positive energy and like a moth to a flame.

Morgan Freeman – I’ve always found him interesting. And because it is ingrained in my head that he’s the voice of the higher power. Am I the only one? Don’t hate me.


Chris Hemsworth – BECAUSE.

Well, that’s it. I don’t really know if the last part counts, I just wanted to add it. I don’t know whom I pick when given the chance to actually do so. That’s actually one of the things we think about (me & the BF) and his would be Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Johnny Depp.


Fireside Chat


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