11th Image Search = Target

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

While reading the next Daily Post assignment, I wasn’t sure that I was up for it since it’ll probably touch on areas that I’m not quite ready to tackle yet. But at 3:30 in the morning, I always get this itch to write, even when I’m blocked.

Yes, I’m having a mild case of writer’s block.

Food reviews are my thing and I guess it doesn’t matter when I post my reviews on the other site because I’d remember each dish as if it were just served up hot on a platter. However, not being able to write since the last week of December is causing me to worry. It’s like the stage is set, pictures ready to be published but no words to aptly describe how each experience was. It all feels so stale.

I’d decided that I wanted to try my hand at this prompt just to get my juices flowing because I really miss writing food reviews.

Opening my browser I decided to Google the word ‘CENTRE‘. The 11th image was a target. And I guess psychology was right on this one, it’s what I was most troubled about: finding my centre. Because right now my brain feels like it’s more tangled up than ever.

No major drama going on though.

Maybe I’m dealing with the aftermath of all the drama that went down last Christmas. PTSD anybody?

That’s my main concern for now since my only outlet is my writing here, my planner and on my journal. I’m using Day One by the way if any of you are looking for a password protected app that you can keep of your Mac or any other Apple product. I’m sure there are others but this one was compatible with my needs. Just wanted to put it out there in case you’re looking. Anyway, I can’t even write decently there because of this non productive phase.

Maybe I’m just trying too hard?

It happens right? that when you try so hard to be creative you end up being otherwise.

The best thing to do now is to relax and not worry about a thing.

What do you think?



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