The Good, The Bad and The New Year’s Resolution.

Starting a new year makes most people, including me, look back at what happened the previous one. We get anxious of what it has in store for us, like exploring the unknown, sailing through uncharted waters not knowing if were getting out of it unscathed or well, let’s face it, alive. We fear it because it’s a new beginning so to speak, we leave behind everything in the previous year and start fresh, that’s how we look at it. And of course we get excited and we plan things, we make a list of what we want to achieve for the new year a.k.a. our new year’s resolution. Personally I’ve mentally written down a list but forgot about them one week in. Not good. Am I setting myself up for failure? Well, I don’t think so. Setting goals or hoping for something no matter how short lived is always good for the soul, says Emmayi the optimistic being. (I don’t usually blog in the third person)

The Good.

Lots of mini victories this year but here are the highlights:

  • Finally graduated! I am now an unlicensed nurse.
  • Better relationship with my life partner’s family, not that we didn’t have a good one before but now it feels more family-ish, closer.
  • And with my family too, I mean our history is almost the stuff of telenovelas (drama shows) but now we’re trying and trying is always a win.
  • Reconnected with friends I lost contact with over the years.
  • Got a writing gig on the side, stepping stone. (a small step is still a step is what my dad always says)
  • Met new blogger friends who gets my blogging dilemmas and why we do it.
  • Baguio. I will always love Baguio.

The Bad.

Who was it that said: when something ends (no matter what it is) after a while you won’t remember the bad stuff, only the good memories, I can’t remember who said it but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

  • Treacherous traffic.
  • Gaining the vacation, bum and holiday weight.
  • Repairing or trying to have a good relationship with my family. It’s a battle and we’ve been at it ever since I could remember but like I said trying is always a win, at least we’re not giving up and calling it quits BUT it’s also bad because I end up heartbroken after every other gathering.
  • This last one isn’t like all the rest, this should be on top of my list but it’s too sad to write up there. Friends who have gone to the other side. It’s a great loss, no matter who or what they were. Life is precious, our time here on Earth is limited and their’s were cut short. My heart goes to them and their families.

The New Year’s Resolution.

This would officially be the first time I’m writing a resolution or what I want to achieve in 2015. I may or may not be able to do it but I want to reflect after the end of the year. Or a post to remind me.

  1. Get my fat ass in shape. or at least be able to eat carbs without dreading that my clothes won’t fit.
  2. Priorities, priorities. I want to have a job and ready myself for future stuff like getting a house and having a life of my own. And I should be in that direction by 2016.
  3. Invest on something or search my noggin for a business idea.
  4. Blog more. Read more.
  5. Mañana habit has to stop.
  6. Improve my writing and photography, much needed.
  7. Get a savings account that I have no access to.
  8. Be more open to whatever things.
  9. Learn a new skill no matter how insignificant.
  10. Live more. Experience new things or cross something off my bucket list.

A new year could mean a fresh start and I’m one of those who needs this year to end so I could start anew. 2014 has been a roller coaster ride of bliss and fucked up shit. I learned from my mistakes, the heart aches and those damn obstacles that keep coming back. I’m grateful for the wonderful people who are in my life and for the family that took me in (figuratively) and treated me like their own, not minding that I’m there most of the time and eating all their bacon. And I wish that ultimately, everything will be better next year. I will make 2015 my bitch. Sorry, I just wanted to say that.

What’s on your list?

Happy New Year every bloggy! (see what I did there?)

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Have a great year y’all!



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