My Benjamin Button Life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All Grown Up.”

One of the cons of being an only child is that you don’t really grow up with other kids and my mom was an only child and my dad’s sister opted not to have kids, so to say the least, our family’s really small. I wasn’t allowed to play outside and all I have are grown ups for company and we usually just talk (they talk, I listen). That’s pretty much my childhood with a little color here and there. So I knew at a very young age that I’m wise beyond my years and in hind sight, that’s actually kind of sad even though there are perks about thinking like an adult while you’re in the school play ground at recess. Oh and did I mention that I was very shy back then and I usually kept to myself unless you ask me a question and maybe even then.

And then when I started to loosen up shit went down and I really had to grow up and be responsible, no time to make mistakes and be a kid.

Years later I recovered from all that and finally I got to know myself, a bit too late I might add. But at the time I was already in college. Maybe I unknowingly took a gamble or maybe I just don’t want to admit it to myself but I started having more fun and becoming irresponsible in my choices -and that’s something coming from someone who needs to be in control all the time.

Even if I wasted a couple of years in college, I don’t regret it because I had fun, I had the chance to be care free and I lived in the moment.

Now I found my balance.



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