Kick the Bucket a.k.a. things I’m never ever ever gonna do

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

There are probably A LOT of things I don’t want to do but I can be talked in to doing. The first thing that comes to mind would be when we were on vacation in Leyte where you can find the mother of zip lines and I am not a dare devil, I’m scared of heights and with my luck, things would probably go wrong, and I really didn’t want to go but eventually I got talked into doing it. I mean, you’re gonna jump from the top of a mountain and then pass a bridge where cars, trucks and whatnot are passing and then solid ground. So we were ready to go but then we panicked and we started screaming that we wanted out but it was too late and I just said to myself that this will all be over in a minute and all I have to do is close my eyes. After the initial rush, I felt a surge of bravery and peeked, surprisingly I felt at peace and it was amazing.

Probably because of that experience that I’d be willing to try anything even if it’s out of my comfort zone.

But for the things I’d never want to do:

1. Eat dog/dolphin/rabbit meat. NO THANK YOU.

2. Be submerged in or eat insects like in Fear Factor. Apparently fear is a factor for me.

3. Cliff Diving (I think it’s awesome) but I can’t swim for my dear life.

4. Stand-up comedy. Or anything that has to do with performing in public.

That’s all that comes to mind for now. And it’s all pretty standard.

For the things that are on my bucket list:

1. Sky Diving, definitely!

2. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

3. Go to Ireland, I think that place is wonderful.

Click here to check out the Agas-Agas zip line in Leyte.

What’s on your kick the bucket list?


I’m not doing my ‘Daily Prompts’ right.

Catch you next time!

Kick the Bucket


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