Spiral – Sofitel Manila (Buffet Weekend Part 1)

Definitely one of the best buffets in Manila.

Buffets were my thing some time ago but trying out one buffet after another just to be met with disappointment is not a good ordeal. So my buffet addiction stopped altogether. It even made me rethink my standards: am I setting the bar too high? To be fair, I only want that when you taste each dish, it tastes and feels carefully prepared and that they paid attention to each and everyone of them and not just mass produced to fill up and order. And that’s exactly what I got.


DSCF1850 DSCF1855 DSCF1856

Maybe I was out of the buffet gig too long or we just weren’t aware of what’s what but it somewhat felt a bit confusing as to which is part of the buffet and which isn’t and if it’s part of the kitchen or if it’s a-okay to dig in. Aside from that little sitch, everything was scrumptious and with that said, of course, it’s worth whatever you pay for it. The staff is awesome too! They were willing to guide a lost foodie (me) and at the Teppanyaki section while they were cooking, they indulged us when I wanted to see those fancy tricks that the chefs make on TV.


Let’s not forget the popular Ham & Cheese room.

DSCF1870 DSCF1869DSCF1864DSCF1860I most definitely had a great time even though I wasn’t able to try each and every dish, believe me I wanted to, if I just had more space in my tummy. There’s no doubt that I’d be back here again.



That weekend turned out to be a buffet weekend, next stop Raffles’ Spectrum!

Check out Spiral Manila for more info.

and while you’re at it:



See you next time!


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