“Yes Woman”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Not for Thee.”

There was a point in my life where everything was bland, life didn’t excite me anymore and I was in my perfectly structured box. See, I’m an ambivert but leaning more towards being an introvert, I like reading anything I can get my hands on and nerding it up with useless information. So I built this ‘box’ of a life wherein everything I do is what I want and what I’m comfortable with and just hang with the people who more or less like the same thing. It is ideal, that it is, but after a while I felt stuck in a way that life’s becoming redundant and my box wasn’t that perfect anymore, it was starting to close in on me.

It wasn’t till I had this chat with a good friend of mine who told me to start welcoming opportunities and basically say yes to everything like Jim Carrey in ‘Yes Man’ (except for ones that would harm myself or someone else), and that was my first yes. This experiment went on for a few weeks and I did start to feel better, up until it spun out of control but I guess that one’s on me. Truthfully, it was good advice because I dropped all the restrictions or rules that I set and the only thing I had to do was say yes and in a way it set me free. But yeah, I don’t think it’s for everybody.

Not for Thee


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