Past the Zig Zag Road

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. 

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

At least that’s how it felt at the time; finding Neverland.

The problem with finding solace is that you’d never want to let it go.

In our case, we never wanted to leave.


The Manor at Camp John Hay

Past the zig zag road is where I found peace.

                    For months I’ve longed to go some place where I won’t have to think about anything important or life changing or make relevant decisions. I could literally feel that as time went on I was always tired, no matter how little activity I’ve done or how much I’ve slept. The only solution to this problem that I could think of was a mini vacation. Since my birthday’s coming up, I told the BF that this was what I wanted for my birthday. Although honestly I didn’t get my hopes up since we’ve postponed this trip so many times that I’ve lost count already. On the day of the actual trip I still couldn’t believe we were going, there was a huge part of me that waited for that text that’d say our trip was cancelled.

But it never came.


I didn’t expect much from the trip – well aside from me clearing my head.

I never thought that I’d fall completely in love with it.

The last time I went to Baguio was when I was a kid and I don’t remember much, only bits and pieces.

I vaguely remember strawberry picking and the semi-scary house where we stayed but that’s it.

And I’ve heard stories too about how much people love the place,

of course I didn’t pay it any mind since little me has been there anyway.

I was definitely missing out.

Couple w/ Igorot costume at Mines View Park

Couple w/ Igorot costume at Mines View Park

There’s always lots to do when you go on a trip.

You could go to Mines View Park for an overlooking view or take a picture with Igorot costumes on.

There’s always Coco the Saint Bernard to visit there too along with some other horses with pink colored mane.

You could go to Wright Park to walk around or go horse back riding.

Right across Wright Park is the The Mansion where the president stays whenever he’s in town.

Yummy take home goodies can be bought at the Good Shepherd Convent.

The Philippine Military Academy is a short drive away.

You can tour the camp, have a picnic and buy souvenirs.

My favorite though was their display of old tanks.

Camp John Hay is my haven. To me, it’s the most peaceful place there.

You could go golfing in the country club

or visit their sort of hidden Starbucks. Of all the places to eat at Camp John Hay, the one for me would be  The Other Office.

There are lots more to go see and do but  for us the super duper best thing is:


just take everything in and relax.

Photo by: R-DeGuzman

Coco the Saint Bernard Photo by: R-DeGuzman


Starbucks at Camp John Hay


Sherman M-4A1 Medium Tank

We also went on a sort of Photowalk since the BF is teaching me how to take decent photos.

I’m like a new born vampire,

let loose on the world (camera in hand) who’s going shutter crazy

-which he tells me not to do.

I still have a long way to go but hey, at least I’m enjoying the ride.


It took me a while to write about the trip, I know. Honestly it was because I was missing it.

and maybe I did really over think it but I just wanted to do it justice.

Maybe it was the cold cuddle weather.

Maybe it was the fresh tasting food.

Maybe it was being surrounded by all the greenery.

Maybe it was even Coco the Saint Bernard.


Maybe I was just with good company.


Click here if you wanna watch the video

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Pictures were taken using a Nikon DX 18-55mm lens, Fuji x-t1 27mm Pancake lens and of course my handy dandy BlackBerry.

Catch you guys later! 

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