The dreaded ‘about me’ page


Hi! How are you? I’m new here, it’s good to meet you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Whenever I think about writing something for this page, my mind goes blank. If it was another time and I wasn’t online or I wasn’t thinking about how to properly introduce myself virtually, I could’ve thought of something clever to say. Now I’m rambling and this is just the introduction. I guess basically that’s what this blog’s gonna be about; the random ramblings of this little asian girl (me).

At first though I wasn’t comfortable with sharing so much details about myself including taking a whole bunch of pictures and posting them online because I’m the type of person who loves to write but I also keep to myself a lot. And letting everyone know what I think about things or where I’m at and what I did in greatย detail makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m still easing into this “sharing” generation and there are still times that I forget to take pictures for my food review and remember it too late (usually when we’re done eating) and an empty plate or a plate with left overs isn’t great to look at -unless it’s arranged artistically maybe.

For about a year now I’ve been writing food reviews. I wanted to start with that rather than go all out on a blog on my first official try. I’ve attempted and failed to blog before because I remained completely anonymous, a lot of details were withheld and I also couldn’t be as expressive, it came out bland and impersonal. THIS one though makes it my first official try and hopefully it goes well.

I will probably blog about food, places, books, vaping (hopefully I can include that) and maybe ramblings about my day or whatever happened that I wish to put out there. Since this is a generation wherein we mostly discover things thru the internet, I wish to contribute to that too in some way.

I’m still thinking about what I should post first aside from my bio. I want it to be worthy to be called my first official blog post -YES, I’m definitely overthinking this.


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