The Sexy Chef Cookbook: Eat Clean Love


As someone who loves to eat and is constantly on the hunt for new restaurants to try out, I can say that it’s definitely hard to mix dieting and what I love doing. Even when I’m at home or at the office I tend to just order in or get take out which I know isn’t giving my body the break it needs.

I know we’ve tried all kinds of fad diets here and there and ended up disappointed – back to square one. I’ve realized that we should start at home (or I should) because that’s where I mostly spend my time. It’s time for a lifestyle change, don’t you think?


The Sexy Chef’s founders Rachel and Barni Alejandro brings us The Sexy Chef Cookbook: Eat Clean Love. It’s a collection of 60 new, original and easy to follow recipes that would inspire those who love to eat but want to stay in shape to well, stay in shape. It’ll let you enjoy food in a healthier way. They have breakfast options, a new take on old Filipino favorites, low-carb meals, vegan friendly dishes and of course refreshingly yummy smoothies!


They would give valuable insights on how to make smarter food choices, taking control of your well-being and how to live the healthiest possible way.

I’d love to give it a try since it’d be answering to both the foodie in me and my need to live a healthier lifestyle.

For more information:

Summit Media Philippines



The Sexy Chef  Cookbook:  Eat  Clean Love is  now available  in  bookstores,  newsstands,  convenience stores,  and supermarkets nationwide for P295.

Chaos – City of Dreams Manila


The beauty of Chaos lies in its name because from that alone, your mind would wonder what goes on behind its doors.

WILD EPIC PARTIES, that’s what.

When it comes to party places, it’s always either a hit or a miss with me. I enjoy the dancey-trippy vibe and seeing everyone stepping to the beat, BUT I also don’t like that everything’s so cramped up. I guess that’s why I like Chaos, they have just the right amount of breathing room to separate those busting their moves on the dance floor from people like us who just wants to enjoy the party scene… and maybe also dance a little after getting a few drinks in.


From the gorgeous interior to the hottest DJs and artists.

Everything was well thought of. Then again, what else can you expect from the City of Dreams?




And they sure know how to treat you right. After meeting with my friends Jack&Coke, I usually wouldn’t know where my lighter is or what’s what but they’d be ready even before I take a cigarette out of the box. THAT and also they’re there for anything else that you’d need or want or crave for, well you get what I mean. The bartenders know what’s up, their drink mixes are on point. Cheers to the lovely staff!


Enter the world of Chaos, where dreams become reality and your desires come alive.

Let loose and rave all night!


Pangaea – City of Dreams Manila

Upon entering its doors, you’ll be greeted by an air of class and sophistication. And from that alone, you’d know you’re in the right place.


For a kicked back and relaxed type of night, it has to be Pangaea. Hands down. The only choice you should be making is what to drink or what booth to pick.

Then again, don’t think you’d be falling asleep on one of their couches because the DJ on his piano turned turntable would definitely kick things up with some awesome music that you would wanna dance to.


Featuring the best DJs in the industry.


Leopard Table




Picasso Tables

It’s not all aesthetics though. Pangaea is also about great customer service and that’s what I like most about them. They want to make sure that you have the best time, always.

I love Chaos and Pangaea, maybe equally. And honestly I’m having trouble picking which one takes the cake.

So this I say to you: Try ’em both.



Two of the hottest clubs in the Metro.

One exudes luxury and glamour, the other promises a night of wild, epic parties.

Choose your poison.

What more can you ask for from the City of Dreams?

For more information, visit:

Pangaea Manila

Chaos Manila

City of Dreams Manila

or call +632 800 8080

a YUMMY surprise!

Yummy Magazine together with KitchenAid has indeed cooked up something gastronomically awesome: THREE cooking workshops that would be spread throughout the year with one of the country’s top chefs to show you how it’s done.

The first leg was held at Enderun Colleges, Bonifacio Global City last April 11, 2015 with none other than Chef Jackie Ang-Po.


Multi-awarded pastry chef and cooking TV show host. She’s also the owner of Fleur De Lys Dessert Cafe in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.


The moment I saw the KitchenAid displays I felt butterflies on my tummy. I was so excited to try them out and make (at that point) anything with them just to see what magic we can do together. There was a set-up where they have all the ingredients and kitchenware ready, for you to do just that.

Yummy Kitchenaid Recipe 2 - Watermelon Fizz


Yummy Kitchenaid Recipe 3 - Lemony Crabstick Dip




Yummy Kitchenaid Recipe 1 - Mango Pearl Layers



They’re all easy to make and perfect for this weather. The Lemony Crabstick Dip paired with chips would make a great snack, it’s light and simple. Both the Watermelon Fizz and the Mango Pearl Layers would keep you refreshed when you’re feeling the heat. Fruits and vegetables are your best friend when you’re trying to stay cool this summer.


Chef Jackie regaled us with stories from her experience throughout her cooking career while she did her cooking demonstration using some of the KitchenAid cookware  that was on display. I love how she explained everything in a way that was easy to remember and also giving us tips and tricks along the way.


Grilled Watermelon & Mango Jicama salad with Mango Vinaigrette


Ossu Buco


Praline Puff

It wasn’t called #YummyKitchenAidEasyRecipes for nothing, those three dishes might look hard to prepare but they’re really not. Don’t let that fool you though, they taste even better than they look.

The Grilled Watermelon & Mango Jicama salad with Mango Vinaigrette was awesome it has a fun upbeat flavour that blended perfectly.

If I were to name a favourite, it would have to be the Osso Buco, hands down. The meat was so tender that it melts in your mouth and you could taste the essence of the beef and all its ingredients, feel it dancing in your palate and inviting you to take another bite. I wanted seconds, thirds, fourths, well, you get the picture. As Chef Jackie explained, slow cooking does not only ensure that all the flavours are present in every bite, it does also keep the meat and vegetables whole as opposed to pressure cooking which does cut the time in half but it also affects the consistency, it doesn’t keep the ingredients intact.

I think everyone was excited to try the Praline Puff since it’s not everyday you get a multi-awarded pastry chef to cook for you, or do you?


I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen and ’em KitchenAid products definitely would make life more fun when you’re there, not to mention easier. And on the way home I couldn’t stop thinking about the 5-speed hand blender and the slow cooker. Now they’re definitely on my list of things to buy for the kitchen!

The Yummy Magazine & KitchenAid Cooking Workshop Series is free for all Philippine residents but it’s on a first come first serve basis. Only the first 35 readers per leg can be accommodated.

It was a pleasure to be part of such an awesome event that both satisfied my cravings and at the same time made me crave for more. I can’t wait for what they come up with next!

Recipes by Chef Jackie Ang-Po 2 Recipes by Chef Jackie Ang-Po 2For information, recipes and updates visit their website.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Have fun trying out ’em recipes! See you next time!


What You Missed on: The 2nd Lubao International Balloon Festival 2015


If someone told me I’d be going on a Hot Air Balloon ride a month before the event day, you’d think I’d have some time to simmer down and get my bearings.


I kept it in check though, like the lady that I am. I only showed the bare minimum.

It took us a while to get our plan sorted out since Lubao Pampanga wasn’t a familiar place to us and we wanted to find somewhere nice and close so we could go back and forth easily. It’s always a good idea to stay somewhere near so you can rest, freshen up and do whatever when you’re not at the event. Luckily a friend called me with news regarding accommodations and he set us up pretty good since the hotel (Prado Farms) is right across Pradera Verde where the event will be held and the hotel itself is beautiful.

I am going to make a separate entry for Prado Farms for future reference. If not that then just so y’all can see what I meant by it’s beauty. [I’ll post the link here when it’s done]

The event was scheduled to be on March 26-29 and I wanted us to be there on the 25th so we’re rested and not reeling from travelling and being on the road. We got the chance to also go around and explore what’s around Lubao Pampanga and it’s neighboring towns and we did try to get some sleep since chaos was to ensue the next day but I couldn’t. I was too amped up. So I lay in bed counting the minutes before I had to get ready and be there for the briefing.


The gates were officially opened and the 1st day of the festival began. People were getting the final touches done, the food stalls which surrounded the event started prepping and everyone had a task they need to do and they all had somewhere to be.

It was beautiful. Behind the scenes is my thing.

DSCF2967 DSCF2970 DSCF2973DSCF2972

After the briefing, the fun begins.

The Balloonists and their team (the chasers) went to their respective places to start setting things up. Now at this point, anything can happen. Mother Nature might decide to blow more winds our way and that won’t be good for a balloon festival. It’s also the pilot’s decision if he deems it safe or not to take flight. They want to give us a great show but we should also think about their safety first and not only our entertainment. DSCF2982 DSCF2984 DSCF2985DSCF3017



DSCF3025 DSCF3035 DSCF3036 DSCF3050 DSCF3060 DSCF3279-2 DSCF3288 DSCF3297 IMG_0068DSCF3301 DSCF3312 DSCF3324 DSCF3249 DSCF3299DSCF3269 DSCF3056

It was quite an experience and two days seems like more than enough but it isn’t. I loved every exhausting minute of it and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually stay out and walk around. It was amazing! and even though it’s all over now and it’ll be a full year till the next one, I’m still coming down from the high.

Which begs the question I’m sure a lot of you are asking…

Why should I go back next year?


The balloon ride was epic, don’t get me wrong. It’s something everyone should experience once in their life. Put it on your bucket list!

But it’s not just that though.

All these people came together to make this event happen and a very successful one at that. We were able to talk to a bunch of people whom we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of knowing if it wasn’t for this event. We made new friends and now we share great memories.

I guess if there was one thing I loved most about this festival specifically is that everyone was together and your social standing didn’t matter, you were all there in the field basking in the sun while watching the colourful balloons fly and everyone was having fun.

If you had looked up the hashtag of the festival #LubaoIBF2015 #LubaoIBF #LIBF2015 #LIBF you’d see that after most of the balloons have flown, they open the gates for everyone to be able to walk in the field to take pictures or do whatever. And you don’t really need a pass to do it, you don’t need to pay extra for VIP treatment. All you have to do is be there and be a part of it.

I just have to say this though because I really appreciate how the organizers of the event did their part well. They tried their best to make everyone happy. Like I said earlier, when Mother Nature interferes there’s nothing you can do about it. BUT if you were there you’d see that there wasn’t anyone leaving sad or disappointed. They got to see a great show and the organizers made sure of that.

And that’s what I want to come back to next year.

I want to feel that high again. To come back and spend time with the friends that we made and to make new ones. Create new memories with your family, friends and loved ones because those are the things that matter most and you can never really have enough of them.

If you get a chance to come out and see the festival next year, you definitely should! I loved it so much and I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year for the next one. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us and I’m betting it’s gonna be great.

IMG_0048 DSCF3220DSCF3172DSCF3170IMG_0075DSCF3286 DSCF3266 IMG_0086

My heart goes out to everybody who made all this possible.  C&S and their team for being sooo fun to be around and for letting us hang out. Dave, who’s very accommodating and who always thinks of everything. He made sure we were taken care of. Awesome!

And of course Ralle, ever so supportive, for coming with me yet again on one of my grand adventures, and for being the one to actually go around the entire field to take pictures for me. YOU the bomb. I’m already thinking of how to convince you to come with me to the next one.



See you next year!



Going in on unfamiliar territory, I woman-ed up and donned my barely used fuschia pink Adidas rubber shoes and went to the party, not knowing what to expect. Of course the diet and exercise part was a given since the host of the event is Yummy Diet and the invite did tell us to wear our gym attire but other than that, I had no clue.

YD-Fitness Invite Front Final YD-Fitness Invite Back Final
In my head it would only be in a small studio with instructors to do the demo and we would sample their food afterwards as we always do in Zomato Foodie Meet-ups.
I remember being surprised when I saw these guys carrying huge trays of food the same way I was going and we all ended up in a big function room with booths from The Function Rooms, Curves Philippines, Smart, Nestle, Slimmer’s World, Growers, Metro Dental, Green Stevia, AloeCureCreamy Delight Yogurt, Summit Drinking WaterYummy DietGoldPress Juicing Co. and a lot more a stage set up and a DJ to match no less.



Growers Nutribar



DSCF2857 DSCF2856 DSCF2852 DSCF2869

The host was Magic 89.9’s Tin Gamboa (Suzy) who led us into a night filled with deliciously healthy, calorie specific adventures.
The demonstrations were split in three which admittedly, even though I only sat on the sidelines, I was enticed to move to the beat and let the music flow through me. It was set up so that you could see what they teach in each class and if it’s the one you could pair your diet to. Yoga’s always been a no brainer choice for me but seeing how they let loose during the Zumba class, I think I’m turned. Everyone was actually encouraged to participate but I opted to go around, take pictures and talk to other bloggers and guests.

DSCF2896 DSCF2902DSCF2906

DSCF2931 DSCF2932

In between the sessions you can partake in the spread they prepared which was taken from Yummy Diet’s menu.

Yummy Diet Kitchen’s Homemade Cheese Pimiento on Whole Wheat Crackers: 45.5 Calories/piece


Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella: 118 Calories/piece


Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap: 153 Calories/piece


Yummy Diet Kitchen’s Signature Egg Muffin: 133 Calories/piece


Tuna-Stuffed Sweet Peppers: 40 Calories/piece


Baked Coconut Shrimp w/ Orange Dipping Sauce: 76 Calories/2 Shrimps

What’s a meal without drinks, right? GoldPress Juicing Co. got us covered. They had 6 different flavours for us to try:
Green Machine: Celery, Cucumber, Pineapple, Apple, Spinach
Green Glean: Cucumber, Pineapple, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Apple
Real Red: Carrot, Red Beet, Lemon, Grapes, Cucumber, Mint
Ruby Red: Red Beet, Apple, Watermelon
Red Ahead: Carrot, Turnip, Pineapple, Romaine Lettuce, Apple, Orange, Red Beet
Orange Gilt II: Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit
One bottle packs a big punch. It’ll give you the energy that you need, antioxidants to help get rid of the toxins inside your body and also great for your overall health. If you’re thinking of going on a juice cleanse, GoldPress is definitely one you should consider.
Yummy Diet together with GoldPress Juicing Co. offers a package in which you can avail of their meals and get a couple of bottles of GoldPress too!
 GP outside brochure GP inside brochureYummy Diet Outside Final Yummy Diet Inside Final
The event was a success and everyone went home healthily stuffed and happily satisfied.
The gift bags were of course a nice touch especially if you’re seriously considering a lifestyle change. Since that’s really what it comes down to, dieting is not temporary and in order to be healthy and live a healthy life, you must change your lifestyle. Slowly take out the bad and replace it with the good. It differs really, some people wake up one morning and decide they want that change to happen instantly and others like me likes it gradually, slow and steady. No matter which way you want it done, make sure you get it done.


I have been checking out these diet meal deliveries for quite some time now and I had a few concerns and first one on that list: Is it really worth it?
Shelling out 1800 (more or less) every 5 days can be a bit much when you try to compare it to you preparing the meal yourself or ordering fast food take out.
But think about the bigger picture and I’m not patronizing them, think about how every diet meal delivery system works in general…
They prepare your food, cooked, packed and ready to go. You won’t have to buy from the market or the grocery which tends to be tedious for me sometimes and yes, the overspending is ever present since I tend to think I need certain items when I don’t.
Take out and delivery – how much do you spend when you eat out, get take out or have food delivered? These diet deliveries offer 3 meals, 2 snacks and in the case of Yummy Diet they’ll include coffee and tea as well. 350php more or less per day.
They offer a specific calorie plan. In my extensive weight loss research (when I was studying how to lose weight without lifting a finger). For women it’s usually 1200 – 1400 calories per day based on your BMI, height – weight ratio and your target healthy weight loss per day to target date. For men it’s 1600-1800. It depends on how much you need to lose and how fast you want to lose it without having negative effects like muscle wasting or chronic ulcer -which usually happens when you deprive yourself of food or skip meals.
If you’ve tried setting this up on your own like I did, it does take a lot of effort since not only do you have to be specific on your portions, you have to know exactly how many calories, sodium, fat, protein, carbohydrates and sugar goes in and match it with how many you need per day and not exceed one or the other. You can try the app that I downloaded to help me: MyFitnessPal. Just to see what I’m getting at.
I think it’s a good way to start if you want to lose weight especially if you have a busy schedule or you can’t afford to religiously count every calorie and prepare meals the day before.
Let me know what you think or if you have any tips or tricks with regards to weight loss and weight management. Connect with me on any of the social media platforms there on the side.
I can’t wait for the next party!

Planning on going to the 2nd Lubao International Balloon Festival?

With only a few days to go before the event you’re probably going on planning overdrive especially if you’re anything like me who needs to incessantly plan for everything.

The event itself already has a lot of activities and fun stuff you, your friends and family can enjoy in between shows BUT if you’re wondering what else Pampanga has to offer, we’ve got you covered!

10574489_1561913000748946_6905639142193469700_n11071599_1562340214039558_1392545263779632618_n10172790_1562774943996085_5207143251681770162_n 10007277_1559634717643441_4134903222596086247_o 11073968_1561549637451949_8986997538379342978_n11046745_1559234267683486_2052693692815678673_n

The Philippines is abundant in breathtakingly beautiful historical and very interesting cultural places you can visit and Pampanga also has its share of wonder for the wanderer. And those are just a few of many you can go check out when you find yourself wanting to drive around when you’re there.

We’re planning on going to Lubao, Pampanga earlier for us to be able to really enjoy the place, go around and ready ourselves for the first day of the festival. I actually really want to spend the entire day at the festival since I want to go through every booth, taste probably most of the food and see the shows they spent a lot of time preparing.

Since it’s already summer vacation and the festival is set on March 26-29 which is Thursday-Sunday, it’d be a good idea to book a hotel to relax, go see the festival, hop on your car and go on a road trip to see all the sights Pampanga has to offer and what’s a trip without going on a shopping spree?

Here’s the schedule of activities for the event:

10407061_1563886550551591_6983424033109846420_n 1959512_1564253753848204_3427515050416996417_n988496_1564254533848126_1577196100739587415_n11075011_1564254757181437_850893715139018874_n11081059_1564254967181416_9185642628350530051_n

And don’t forget to bring these:


Preparation is key to having the best time. Stay hydrated and make sure you bring the essentials for maximum enjoyment.



For more information:



Instagram and Twitter: @LUBAOIBF

Ticket price is 250php only and you can get them at: or SM ticket booth outlets located at any SM Cinema area. 

Tickets are also available there at the event entrance. 

Lubao International Balloon Festival 2015

Pilipinas International Balloon Festival, Inc. held a Press Conference at Passion Restaurant in Resort’s World Manila to officially promote and invite the public to join them in the upcoming Lubao International Balloon Festival this March 26-29, 2015 in Lubao, Pampanga. 


Already the biggest hot air balloon festival in the country, this year they’re reaching for new heights with their goal to not only fly all those balloons at the same time but with 15 special shaped ones which would make it the biggest number of special shaped balloon flying in Asia. They’re also gonna do a ‘Box Air’ type of flying which in other words would ensure that the balloons fly to a certain direction and doing so would help them come back to where they came from and not just fly off to an unknown location. This technique has only been done in choice parts of the world and by LUBAOIBF here in the Philippines.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.24.46 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.24.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.25.59 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.26.12 PM

This year they’re definitely going all out!

With more than 40 hot air balloons in their arsenal and the support and participation of internationally renowned balloonists all over the world. Not to mention 15 special shaped ones are in attendance that have not been seen here in the country since the good people over at LUBAOIBF wants you to see a new set each year, and to name a few of which I seriously can’t wait to see: Darth Vader, Yoda, Smurf, Humpty Dumpty, the Airship and of course let’s not forget the very large adorable looking Snobird! 

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

This year, they made sure that everyone will have something to do and look forward to. So don’t fret, they really did think of everything. From seeing a show in the sky to a dance show on the streets. Just don’t get in the crossfire during the Water Balloon Fight and the Paint Ball Exhibition!

There’s also a food bazaar where Foodies like me can head on over and sample the goods that they have to offer and probably a lot of it. From what I saw on their floor plan, it’s arranged so that all of the concessionaires are together and you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Performances from artists like Kamikazee, Mitoy with the Draybers and The Voice PH season 2 final 4 will be there to entertain you at the end of the day. Just check out which day they will be performing on and you’re all set.

Although, I heard through the very fabulous grapevine that you just might get to see your favorite stars in the event. The list is long and full of hot damn glam. I’m not however at liberty to say just which ones since it’s supposedly a surprise.

with all that being said,

The one thing I really can’t wait to see and don’t want to miss is what they call the night glow.

Imagine the darkness of the night only illuminated by the glow of the colorful hot air balloons.

That alone makes it worth the trip in my book.

Oh and if you wanna join us in all the fun for FREE, check out their Instagram account to know more! 

See you there!

For more information:



Instagram and Twitter: @LUBAOIBF

Ticket price is 250php only and you can get them at: or SM ticket booth outlets located at any SM Cinema area. 

Tickets are also available there at the event entrance. 


Heat – Edsa Shangri-La Manila

On January 10, 2015 I broke one of my New Year’s resolution…

The one where I said that I’m going to start dieting.

It’s not too late though, the best thing to do is to try and try till I eventually succeed.

Losing to temptation never tasted so good. I mean, does it actually taste otherwise?

And regret wasn’t something I felt after.


Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, another round at the buffet carousel. And this is not the first one for this year too! But it my book, it’s the one that counts.


Last December I mentioned two noteworthy buffet places here in the Philippines and after that, I thought it was over.

I was so wrong.

After the holidays, I’m sure there are many of you who planned a get together sometime after to avoid the rush or because that’s when you’re schedule is actually free. That’s what happened to me.

Apparently, buffets are all the rage these days since there are a variety of cuisine available and of course loads of delicious food to make you forget any resolutions you have made -Let’s table my relationship with food some other time.


My favorite picture of the night. I think it captures the friendliness that we’re known for.

It’s not just about the quantity of food though since buffets are a dime a dozen. Almost everywhere you look they’re offering up some kind of buffet for a certain price but sadly a lot of them disregard the quality of food they serve. That’s why I made it my mission to discover some of the best All You Can Eat places here in the Metro.


What they offer:

  • Salad Bar – to start you off
  • Cold Cuts, Bread & Cheese section – still warming up
  • Filipino Food section – starting with the basics
  • Seafood section – something light
  • Pizza, Pasta & Omelette section
  • Japanese section – I always seem to end up here even though I already told myself to lay off the Japanese food.
  • Mediterranean / Indian food section
  • Carnivore section (Carving of roast beef and lamb) – winner for the night
  • Asian food section
  • Dessert section – second favorite for the night
  • Noodle and soup section – to end it all.
  • Drink section (although you’d have to shell out a couple of hundred extra)

DSCF2278 DSCF2277 DSCF2275 DSCF2274 DSCF2273

Heat is definitely in my current Top 5 and it made its way there for good reason.

There is a distinction in the way their food tastes that they’ve given it enough TLC before they served it up on a platter. Even though it might not be the best ever, it’s definitely earned its rightful place at the top.

DSCF2271 DSCF2269 DSCF2265

I found myself going back to the carving section, dessert section and the seafood section again and again. I couldn’t get enough. I especially like their Roast beef more than anything, and being a carnivore like myself, I’ve tasted a few but this one got me good. In the seafood area they have the big kind of everything which I like since I have a big appetite for seafood and it feels so refreshing to eat. While I did love the ones that I tried in the dessert area, I found their mini Taho to be the cutest thing ever! It’s also a good tribute to the Filipino culture that they served it in the typical Taho contraption in which the vendors carry them in around the streets.

And here’s one more thing that I think is noteworthy: their staff are very friendly and accommodating. The wait staff anticipates your needs but they don’t hover which is good because it doesn’t distract you from the food experience and the company.

DSCF2282 DSCF2289 DSCF2286 DSCF2295

No doubt a great experience and I can see myself coming back in the near future, after I sort out my diet plan that is. You’ll definitely get what you pay for and you’re sure to have a good time when you’re around friends and family!

Don’t forget to call in at least a day before to reserve since it gets packed!

There are also two patios available and a few private dining area.

Contact The Edsa Shangri-La Hotel for more details.


That’s all folks! In most, if not all, of my reviews I always mention the good and the bad but aside from a few hiccups, I can’t think of one that’s worth mentioning and telling y’all about.

Let me know what you think! Connect with me on any of the social media platforms there on the side. You can also check out this review on Zomato and follow me on Instagram to see more pictures!

See you next time! 🙂


Spectrum – Raffles and Fairmont Makati (Buffet weekend Part 2)


Winner of the 2014 Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets award, Raffles and Fairmont’s Spectrum.

It’s not your typical buffet. The food section is limited to bits of Filipino, Middle Eastern, Indian, European and Chinese dishes but don’t be fooled, they deserve the award they got and then some. The dining area offers a more intimate feel and the staff are heaven sent, they’re the type who anticipates your need but they don’t hover.

DSCF2048 DSCF2038 DSCF2051

Every dish was made with love and dreams but in all seriousness I had a really good time and my tummy was at its happiest. And that only happens when it’s filled with delicious food. One thing that’s been bothering us all this time is that: why was our food cold? It’s not chilled or frozen but when you leave it out after it’s cooked and it gets cold, that type of cold. Other than that, everything was great.

DSCF2053 DSCF2057 DSCF2052 DSCF2035 DSCF2034 DSC_0054

They have cooked dishes and some that you can have them cook to your liking. My favorite part though is the dessert area, I couldn’t get enough.



Sadly the store was closed when we finished dinner, I wanted to take these home with me. I’d recommend this restaurant to anyone looking to have a good time at a nice place with a great buffet. It’s well worth braving the traffic and your money. But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!

Check out these links:

Raffles’ Spectrum





see you there! 🙂

Spiral – Sofitel Manila (Buffet Weekend Part 1)

Definitely one of the best buffets in Manila.

Buffets were my thing some time ago but trying out one buffet after another just to be met with disappointment is not a good ordeal. So my buffet addiction stopped altogether. It even made me rethink my standards: am I setting the bar too high? To be fair, I only want that when you taste each dish, it tastes and feels carefully prepared and that they paid attention to each and everyone of them and not just mass produced to fill up and order. And that’s exactly what I got.


DSCF1850 DSCF1855 DSCF1856

Maybe I was out of the buffet gig too long or we just weren’t aware of what’s what but it somewhat felt a bit confusing as to which is part of the buffet and which isn’t and if it’s part of the kitchen or if it’s a-okay to dig in. Aside from that little sitch, everything was scrumptious and with that said, of course, it’s worth whatever you pay for it. The staff is awesome too! They were willing to guide a lost foodie (me) and at the Teppanyaki section while they were cooking, they indulged us when I wanted to see those fancy tricks that the chefs make on TV.


Let’s not forget the popular Ham & Cheese room.

DSCF1870 DSCF1869DSCF1864DSCF1860I most definitely had a great time even though I wasn’t able to try each and every dish, believe me I wanted to, if I just had more space in my tummy. There’s no doubt that I’d be back here again.



That weekend turned out to be a buffet weekend, next stop Raffles’ Spectrum!

Check out Spiral Manila for more info.

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Past the Zig Zag Road

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. 

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

At least that’s how it felt at the time; finding Neverland.

The problem with finding solace is that you’d never want to let it go.

In our case, we never wanted to leave.


The Manor at Camp John Hay

Past the zig zag road is where I found peace.

                    For months I’ve longed to go some place where I won’t have to think about anything important or life changing or make relevant decisions. I could literally feel that as time went on I was always tired, no matter how little activity I’ve done or how much I’ve slept. The only solution to this problem that I could think of was a mini vacation. Since my birthday’s coming up, I told the BF that this was what I wanted for my birthday. Although honestly I didn’t get my hopes up since we’ve postponed this trip so many times that I’ve lost count already. On the day of the actual trip I still couldn’t believe we were going, there was a huge part of me that waited for that text that’d say our trip was cancelled.

But it never came.


I didn’t expect much from the trip – well aside from me clearing my head.

I never thought that I’d fall completely in love with it.

The last time I went to Baguio was when I was a kid and I don’t remember much, only bits and pieces.

I vaguely remember strawberry picking and the semi-scary house where we stayed but that’s it.

And I’ve heard stories too about how much people love the place,

of course I didn’t pay it any mind since little me has been there anyway.

I was definitely missing out.

Couple w/ Igorot costume at Mines View Park

Couple w/ Igorot costume at Mines View Park

There’s always lots to do when you go on a trip.

You could go to Mines View Park for an overlooking view or take a picture with Igorot costumes on.

There’s always Coco the Saint Bernard to visit there too along with some other horses with pink colored mane.

You could go to Wright Park to walk around or go horse back riding.

Right across Wright Park is the The Mansion where the president stays whenever he’s in town.

Yummy take home goodies can be bought at the Good Shepherd Convent.

The Philippine Military Academy is a short drive away.

You can tour the camp, have a picnic and buy souvenirs.

My favorite though was their display of old tanks.

Camp John Hay is my haven. To me, it’s the most peaceful place there.

You could go golfing in the country club

or visit their sort of hidden Starbucks. Of all the places to eat at Camp John Hay, the one for me would be  The Other Office.

There are lots more to go see and do but  for us the super duper best thing is:


just take everything in and relax.

Photo by: R-DeGuzman

Coco the Saint Bernard Photo by: R-DeGuzman


Starbucks at Camp John Hay


Sherman M-4A1 Medium Tank

We also went on a sort of Photowalk since the BF is teaching me how to take decent photos.

I’m like a new born vampire,

let loose on the world (camera in hand) who’s going shutter crazy

-which he tells me not to do.

I still have a long way to go but hey, at least I’m enjoying the ride.


It took me a while to write about the trip, I know. Honestly it was because I was missing it.

and maybe I did really over think it but I just wanted to do it justice.

Maybe it was the cold cuddle weather.

Maybe it was the fresh tasting food.

Maybe it was being surrounded by all the greenery.

Maybe it was even Coco the Saint Bernard.


Maybe I was just with good company.


Click here if you wanna watch the video

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Pictures were taken using a Nikon DX 18-55mm lens, Fuji x-t1 27mm Pancake lens and of course my handy dandy BlackBerry.

Catch you guys later!